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My first job interview at a hospital didn't go well. I stuttered and stammered, my mouth was extremely dry and I felt like I was shrinking into the chair. I couldn't wait to get out of there.

My problem ? I was not prepared for a professional interview. As I was waiting to hear from them , I applied at another hospital. This time, I was prepared and the interview went very well..I left there happy and knowing I had the job.

Why were these interviews, only a month apart, so different and what did I do to prepare ?

Below are the steps I took to win the job I wanted, and hopefully you too will be successful in your "perfect job" search.

1. I received from a friend a list of possible questions  
    that could be asked during an interview and    
   questions I could ask them. I wrote down the answers
    and studied them until I could easily answer each one

2. I studied a list of questions to ask them, such as
 "What is the range of pay for someone in my

 " What nursing model do you use?" ( primary care ect)

 " Are nurses required to work overtime or rotate
     shifts ? "

   The questions I wanted to ask, I brought with me along  
    with several copies of my resume and a nursing       
    piece called " Risky Nursing printed nicely in a
    flowered border. I  handed these out to  the three  
    nurse managers I interviewed with. ( yes, they    
    probably already have your resume..somewhere...
    so it's a good idea to carry a few copies)

3. Professional dress is a must. Suits for men and
    women is the preferred attire, at least in my opinion.
    The first interview I mentioned, I wore a summer
    peach colored skirt which made look I was going to
    a wedding instead of an interview. The second I wore
    a skirt and matching blue. I felt more
    professional and acted it. This is purely my opinion
    but I have seen other lists that back it up.

Below are some links to more questions and interview advice. I found these very helpful in preparing me for
the perfect job interview.

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