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SNURSE stands for Student Nurse and SNURSE- L is an international  email list dedicated to..what else....nursing students. Topics include : the color purple, hicks, rednecks, nasty nursing instructors and anything else your little heart desires...which most of the time includes nursing subjects. We have fun, we fight, we fool around but we are serious about nursing. So come on and join us and see if we can make this nightmare called nursing school bearable.

Who belongs to SNURSE ? 

 Anyone who wants to.Although the majority of list members are student nurses, we also have former snurses now in practice,  MD's, future snurse's, nursing instructors and an assortment  of other medical personal.

 How do I subscribe to SNURSE - L ? 

Send an email to SNURSE-L  with  

sub SNURSE-L  yourfirstname  yourlastname
in the body of the message.( Do not put anything in the subject area)
Go to the archives and click on the button second from the right ( an icon with 4 human figures and red arrows) and use the form.

More SNURSE info