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As a former and now again current student nurse, I know how it is to spend hours on the net searching for just the right information to supplement your studies. You find one link you think has what you need, and you end up at a page with more links. These snursing links bring you directly to the page, hopefully saving you time.

Student Nursing 

Student Nurse Email List

snurse - l. org   (Rich's website)

SNURSE - L Archives

Student Nurse Underground

National Student Nurse' Association

Student Nursing Links -

State Nurses Association

Student Nurse/Graduate Nurse Webring

Nurse/Student Nurse Forum

Critical Thinking Skillls

Nursing Theory -Links to most of the Nursing Theorists

The Student Nurse Information Center


RN Express - NCLEX prep. online

American Nursing Review

Taking the NCLEX - applying, setting appojntments etc.

USA Nursing Boards 

Did You Pass the NCLEX ?


Ten Tips For a Top Interview

How to Organize a Nursing Portfolio

Career Opportunities

Career Articles

More SNURSE Employment Help

Care Plans 

Care Plan Corner - free careplans

Angels of Mercy - More Free Care Plans

Care Plan Resource Center - More free Care Plans

Care Plan Guidlines

Medical Mnemonics 

Extensive Mnemonics

Math for Meds 

Dimensional Analysis

Nursing Formulas and Conversions

IV information   

Iv Starts - Improving your odds

Med - Surge 

The Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy

Merriam Webster Medical Dictionary Online

Alphabetic List of Specific Diseases/Disorders

RC-WEB- Listen to lung sounds !

Electronic Lab Handbook ( diagnostic tests)

RNWeb - lots of med-surge

Nurse-Beat Cardiac - EKG

ECG Quiz Online

HealthAnswers - searchable database

The Orthopedic Nurses Station

Links By Disease

Emergency Medicine

Symptom Checker


Pregnancy and Childbirth

Pregnancy Today

Doula's of North America

PrenatalEd Monthly News Letter

Breast Feeding Help - LaLeche League

Nursing Mothers Association


Virtual Pediatric Patients

PEDINFO: An Index of the Pediatric

Free Pediatric Disease Software

Journal of Pediatric Oncology Nursing

Pediatric Endocrinology Nursing Society

Pain in Children

Pediatric Nursing Links

APGAR Scoring for Newborns

Lab Tests - How to Explain to Children

Mental Health 

Mental Health Booklets

Suicide - How to Spot the Signs and Intervene

Virtual Pamphlet Collection - for students

National  Attention Deficit  Disorder Association

Borderline Personality Disorder

The Mental Health and Behavioral Science Meeting Place

Forensic Nursing Resource - The Gateway to Behavioral Status Index

Dr. Bob's Mental Health Links

 Bob The Psychiatric Nurse - Many psych links

Mental Health and Learning Disabilites

Nurses in Recovery - Substance abuse help for nurses

Community Nursing 

Journal of Community Nursing

Patient Teaching 

Patient Drug Education

MediQuik Med Card Maker

Make a Calender for Meds for Patients

eDrug - Patient Teaching

Cast Care

Patient Teaching - How To

Springhouse Patient Teaching

An Authors Guide - Effective Patient Teaching

Booklets - Mental Health - PT. Teaching

Lab Tests - How to Explain to Children

Diabetes - Personal Diary and Tracking Tool

Many Patient Handouts

Searchable Drug Sites 

Nurse's PDR

Clinical Pharmacology 2000

RX List - The Interner Drug Index

MediQuik Construct - A - Card ( makes med cards)

Make a Calender for Meds to give to patients - lots of good stuff

IntelliHealth : Drug Resource Center

Antibiotic Guide

Free Nursing/Medical Software 

Essay Writing Guide for Nurses

ACLS Simulator

Radiology Cases in Pediatric Emergency Medicine

EKG Tutorial

The Pediatric Database

Bloodgas Analyzer

Care Plan Creator - shareware

Code and Trauma Simulator

Language Translator ( French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese )

The Nursing Files Desk Top and Screensaver

Software Development Projects - Medical Software

Nursing Tutorials 

Cardiac Trace Tutorial

Acid-Base Balance - A Tutorial

Critical Care - interactive nursing assessment

Interactive Case Study - Chest Pain

Medi-Quiz - Merck -  Win  a free T - shirt

Skull Anatomy Tutorial

Vertebrae Anatomy Tutorial

Hand Anatomy Tutorial

Superficial Muscles Tutorial

Neuroscience Tutorial medical calculators(diet,asthma,pregnancy,fitness,risks)

Fun Nursing Stuff 

Zwerdling Nursing Archives ( pictures of nursing postcards)

The Nurses Staion - Nursing humor

Student Nurse Tales

Weird Nursing Tales


Cells Alive - bacteria, virus

Anatomy and Physiology 

Case Studys In A & P

A &  P Journals

Great Basic A&P with great drawings for studying

Great Drawing of Arteries of the Brain

Cardiovascular - Circulatory 

A &P  of Cardiovascular - Mercks - animation, awesome site !

Cardiovascular System  - basic

Animation of How the Heart works (shows the pathways with text)

Arteries of the Brain - Drawing

Digestive System 

Digestive System - basic with good pictures

Special Diets ( full liquid, clear  liq.,fiber restric.,soft
                           low lactose)

Lymphatic System 

Lymphatic System - basic

Musculoskeletal System 

Musculoskeletal  Atlas

The Muscular System - basic

The Bones - basic A&P - no pics

Skull Anatomy Tutorial

Vertebrae Anatomy Tutorial

Hand Anatomy Tutorial

Superficial Muscles Tutorial

Urinary System 

The Urinary System - great pics

Neurological System 

Nervous System - basic

Yales Cranial Nerve Page - excellent pictures

Cranial Nerves - basic but great - hear the cranial nerves pronounced - how to test the nerves

Neuroscience Tutorial

Eye Simulator - demonstrates the effects of disabling one or more of the

Cranial Nerve Tutorial - nice chart to print out, quiz's

Cranial Nerves - good chart - pictures

Reproductive System 

Male and Female - Basic but great pictures